EL CONCIERTAZO ( The big Concert) is a program for an initiation to classical music, aimed at children and adolescents but which adults will also enjoy.

The conductor and presenter is the prestigious Fernando Argenta. In this space, Fernando decided to pay attention to the Ballet, so closely linked to classical music, and created The Ballet Class. In February 2001 he called upon Laura and Oscar to take on this section of the program.

Laura and Oscar write the scripts, explain the steps to the children, select the choreographic fragments and perform them.

The Ballet Class consists of:

1.- A teaching section in which Laura and Oscar explain the ballet steps to the children in a very fun way.

2.-Another section where Laura and Oscar perform fragments of the classical repertory.

3.-Two monographic editions of EL CONCIERTAZO (The Big Concert) dedicated entirely to the Ballet have already been screened. One about the Nutcracker and another about Cinderella. The third is being prepared about Don Quijote for 2005.

-The program has been shown:

Saturday TVE-2 at noon

Saturday International Channel at 11 am for Europe

Saturday International Channel at 19, 30 pm for America From Monday to Friday Classical Channel at 17 pm.

Episodes of EL CONCIERTAZO (The Big Concert) with The Ballet Class have been shown on TVE-2 between 2001 and 2005, and have been retransmitted on the International Channel and on the Classical Channel on various dates and at various times.

TVE INFORMA.Revista de Prensa (Internet).

24 de February-2001-El Conciertazo

3 de March- 2001

10 de March-2001-El Conciertazo

17 de March-2001-El Conciertazo

16 de June- 2001-El Conciertazo

23 de June-2001- El Conciertazo

11 de August-2001-El Conciertazo

18 de August- 2001-El Conciertazo

22 de September- 2001-El Conciertazo

1 de December- 2001- El Conciertazo

8 de December- 2001- El Conciertazo

22 de December- 2001-El Conciertazo

12 de January-2002- El Conciertazo

23 de March-2002- El Conciertazo

4 de May- 2002-El Conciertazo

11 de May-2002- El Conciertazo

25 de May-2002-El Conciertazo

8 de June-2002-El Conciertazo

29 de June-2002-El Conciertazo

17 de August-2002-El Conciertazo

1 de November-2002-El Conciertazo-16-Noviembre

18 de November-2002-El Conciertazo- 23-Noviembre

25 de November-2002-El Conciertazo- 30-November

2 de December-2002-El Conciertazo- 7-December

9 de December- 2002- El Conciertazo- 14-December

16 de December- El Conciertazo-Christmas-2002-21-December

19 de May 2003-El Conciertazo-24-May

26 de May 2003-El Conciertazo-31-May

2 de June 2003-El Conciertazo- 7- June

20 de December-2003-El Conciertazo-Cascanueces

15 de May-2004-El Conciertazo

29 de May-2004-El Conciertazo

5 de June-2004-El Conciertazo-Cenicienta

12 de June-2004-El Conciertazo

17 de July-2004-El Conciertazo-Cascanueces

18 de September-2004-El Conciertazo-Cenicienta

13 de November-2004-El Conciertazo

20 de November-2004-El Conciertazo

27 de November-2004-El Conciertazo

4 de December-2004-El Conciertazo

11 de December-2004-El Conciertazo

18 de December-2004-El Conciertazo

2 de April-2005-El Conciertazo

11 de Jun-2005-El Conciertazo

18 de Jun-2005-El Conciertazo

25 de Jun-2005-El Conciertazo

3 de September-2005-El Conciertazo

10 de September-2005-El Conciertazo


“ATR” (Association of viewers and listeners)- Best children’s’ program 2000(Chosen by television viewers, through national and autonomous associations. The most important viewers group on a national level)

“ZAPPING” (Associated Catalonian Viewers “TAC”) -Best children’s’ space on television 2000 (Awarded by a jury made up of prestigious Spanish communication professionals)

“ATEA” (Andalusian Viewers Association) - Best children’s’ program 2001 (Awarded by Andalusian viewers)

“DIMAS DE ORO” (Technical Board in Defence of Minors, Madrid) - Best work and trajectory in favour of infancy and youth 2001 (Awarded by this institute which defends children’s’ rights. It is the organizations most honoured emblem and mascot.)

“BRAVO” -Best work for children and youth

“APEI” Radio and Television (Press Radio and TV informers Association) -Informers Microphone, in the category of TV Awarded to Fernando Argenta for his work At the head of “EL CONCIERTAZO(The Big Concert)

“ATV” 2000

“ATV” 2001

“ATV” 2002

“ATV” 2003 (Academy of Television Science) -All these for the best children’s’ Television program (Since “El Conciertazo”(The Big Concert) began, it has obtained the highest institutional recognition of the televisive profession four years running)

VI TELEVISION ACADEMY AWARDS awards for the fourth year running the prize for best children’s’ program 2003 to EL CONCIERTAZO(THE BIG CONCERT)

"GLOBO DE PLATA” (World Media Festival Hamburg 2004) -Best children’s’ program

(World Media Festival Hamburg, with headquarters in Hamburg, which awards this prize to the most excellent television programs and their communicators.)

“El CONCIERTAZO” in 2001, the year of its creation, is named by the Multimedia Corporation as one of the 10 best programs on television in the XX century.


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