PhD in Musicology from Complutense University of Madrid (2016). Calification sobresaliente cum laude

Master in Performing arts from Rey Juan Carlos University of Madrid (2012)

Principal dancer of the National Ballet of Cuba during 10 years

Villa de Madrid Award of dance interpretation 2009

Prize "Leandro Fernandez de Moratín" for theatrical studies 2011, for the book Marius Petipa en España (1844-1847). Memorias y otros materiales.

Artístic Director of Danzarte Ballet (Spain, from 2003-2010)

Born in 1977 in Zaragoza (Spain), she made her ballet studies in Madrid at the Royal School of Dance. She finished her studies with Honours (15 years old).

Professional Career as ballet dancer

In 1995 began her professional career. Since 1995 to 2005 she danced at National Ballet of Cuba like Star Dancer, under the direction of Alicia Alonso.

From 2003 to 2010 she was director of Danzarte Ballet and she directed and danced the performances Petipa in Memoriam (2010) -Conmemoraton the centenary of the death of Marius Petipa, a show that toured in Spain and Egypt-; Spanish Night/Noche Española (2008) -based on music and choreography of Spanish themes. It was a meeting of the Bolera School, Classical Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet. With this show she made a long national and international tour-; ¡Va de Danza! (2006-07) and ¡Viva el Ballet Clásico!, meantime she worked in Spain and in international companies. In 2005 she organizes a tour around Spain with the Ballet Don Quijote with Óscar Torrado, selected by IV Centenary of Don Quixote, with this tour they had a great success of public and critic.

She danced at the most important theatres of Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America amd EE. UU. were she starring classical ballets as: Giselle, Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, Don Quixot, Bayadere, Coppelia, Romeo & Juliet, Cinderella, Carmen, Nutcracker, Majísimo, Las Sílfides, Flover festival in Genzano, Grand Pas de Quatre, Dido Abandonada, Apolo, Blood weeding, Spanish Night (Noche Española). And the Pas de Deux: Corsaire, Diana & Acteón, Paquita, Spring waters, Tchaikovski Pas de Deux, Grand Pas Classique, Grand Pas de Raymonda or A mi Aire.

She also participate in many National and International Ballet Galas.

Her performances had been recogniced by the international public and critic , see at:


She worked with outstanding teachers as: Josefina Méndez, Loipa Araujo, Aurora Bosch, Marta García, Orlando Salgado and directly with Alicia Alonso, Alexey Fadeyechev, Marina Alexsidze and Natalia Lyubchik.

Awards & Distinctions

-Distinction Biloba 2013 (House of the Dance of Logroño, Spain).

-Prize Leandro Fernández de Moratín for theatrical studies 2011 for the book Marius Petipa in Spain (1844-1847). Memories and other materials.

-Award "Villa de Madrid" of dance interpretation 2009.

-Actúa Prize (AISGE) 2009;

-Medal of the Association of Theatre Directors of Spain (2009).

-Distinction for her “Cultural collaboration and high artistic level" in the editions XIII to XVI of the Nureyev Ballet Festival at Ufa (Russia), for her performances of Don Quixote, Bayadere, Sleeping Beauty and Carmen.

-Distinction from the Uzbekistan Ministry of Culture for her Performance of Don Quixote at the 1st International Opera & Ballet Festival in Tashkent (2007).

-Alejo Carpentier Medal for her artistic excellence (Cuba, 2004);

-Distinction of National Ballet of Cuba for her artistic excellence 2002;

-Distinction of the Gran Teatro de La Habana Friends for her artistic excellence, 2001.

-Medal of Distinction of the National Culture (Cuba, 1999).

Publications: Books & Articles

-The Romantic Ballet at the Teatro del Circo in Madrid (1842-1850). Publications of the Association of Stage Directors. Colection Theory & Practice of the Theatre nº 42. Madrid 2017.

-Marius Petipa in Spain (1844-1847). Memories and other materials. Danzarte Ballet. Madrid 2010

-"Gisela or the willis in Madrid (1843)". In Once Again about Giselle by Olga Shkarpetkina. Moscow, Sputnik, 2015.

-"José Zorrilla, the ballet and the ballerinas". Revista ADE-Teatro nº 167 (2017).

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-"Laurencia: a Fuenteovejuna recuperated" Revista ADE Teatro nº 98 (2003)/ Revista Danza en Escena nº 10 (2005) y nº 11 (2006).

Conferences & Comunications

-Don Quixote in the Ballet, in the XVI Seminar of Association of Theatre Directors of Spain dedicate to “The Quixote in the theatre and the theatre in el Quixote” (2005).

-The ballet in the Romanticism, in the XXX Seminar of Association of Theatre Directors of Spain dedicate to “Larra and the scenic's arts in the Romanticism” (2009).

-Conference Marius Petipa in Spain, Lázaro Galdiano Museum, inside the activities of “Ellas Crean/She create” Festival and dual year Spain-Russia (2011).

- Ballet and dancers from and in Andalucía in the middle of XIX century, in thr III International Conference about “The artistic image of Andalucía” organized by Sevilla University (2011).

-The ballets of Petipa with Spanish argument in Russia. International Congress on the centenary of the premiere of La vida breve, the Spanish music between the local and the universal. Complutense University of Madrid (2013).

-Marius Petipa at the Circo Theatre. In II Seminar of Musicologist Investigation at Complutense University of Madrid (2014).

-Tree ballets of feminine rebeliion during Romanticism. in Seminar "The politic theatre, the politic in the theatre" of Association of Theatre Directors of Spain (2014).

-Farfarella or the daughter of the hell. A romantic ballet created in the Circo Theatre. In IV Seminar of Musicologist Investigation at Complutense University of Madrid(2015).




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