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Personal Information

Name: Oscar

Surname: Torrado del Puerto

Actual address: C/ Mancebos nº 15,3ºC
Pstal Code: 28005 City: Madrid Country: Spain

Telephone: +34- 913666506

Fax: +34-913666506

Email: web:

Member CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council)


Master in Performing arts from Rey Juan Carlos University

1989 Coursed the studies on ballet in the prestigious "Royal School of Dance and Dramatic Art" in Madrid (Real Escuela Superior de Arte Dramático y Danza de Madrid). Qualification: Diploma with Honours.( 16 years old).

1990 Participated in TVE (Televisión Española) with the Royal School of Dance, performing the Pas de Deux of "Don Quixote" and "Corsaire".

1990 Participates in the XVI International Conmpetition of Varna (Bulgaria). He is honored with a diploma for the 4th place,(category Juniors).

1993 Started studies on History and Geography in the UNED (Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia).

1994-1995 Studies in the" Cátedra de Danza de Alicia Alonso" in the University of Madrid (Universidad Complutense de Madrid).
Summer 1994 and 1995 assisted to the International Course on Dance, organized by the "Universidad Complutense de Madrid". (El Escorial).

Professional Career

1988 Admitted in the National Liric Theatre under the supervision of Maya Plisetskaya.
Participates in different ballets:La fille Mal Gardée, Carmen, Theme and Variations, María Estuardo, Raymonda, Canto Vital...

1993-1995 Member of the National Dance Company, directed by Nacho Duato. Participates in the following coreographies:Duende, Coming Together, Mediterranea, Na Floresta, Cautiva, Tabulae, Forgotten Land, Return to a Strange Land....

1995(September) Integrated the National Ballet of Cuba , as Guest Dancer.In this moment Principal Dancer, the top position in this company.

During his stay with the National Ballet of Cuba, allowed him to dance not only in the Cuban Ballet, but also in Internationals Tours to Europe, Asia, Latin América and USA.


- Giselle-Albrecht. Music: A. Adam/ Choreog: A. Alonso

- Don Quixote-Basilio and Espada. Music: L. Minkus/ Choreog: A. Alonso

- The Swan Lake- Prince Sigfrid and Spanish Dance. Music: Tchaikovsky/Choreog: A.Alonso

- Coppelia- Franz. Music: L. Delibes/ Choreog: A. Alonso

- The Sleeping Beauty -Prince Desire. Music: Tchaikovsky/ Choreog: A. Alonso and M.Petipa

- Bayadera-Solor - Music: L.Minkus /Choreog.: V.Chabukiani

- Diana and Acteon-Pas de Deux. Music: R. Drigo/Choreog.: Alicia Alonso

- Grand Pas Classique. Música: D´Auber. Choreog: A. Alonso

- Corsario -Pas de Deux. Music: R. Drigo/Choreog.: Alicia Alonso

- Paquita -Grand Pas . Music: L. Minkus/ Choreog: A. Alonso

- Apollon -Apolo. Music: I. Stravinsky/ Choreog: G. Balanchine

- Cinderella -Prince. World Premier.Music: J. Strauss/ Choreog: P. Consuegra )

- Majisimo- The Rol Star. Music: J. Massenet/ Choreog: Jorge García

- Les Sylphides. Music : Chopín/ Choreog : M. Fokine

- The Death of a Swan. Solo. Music:C.Saint-Säens/Choreog.: Michel Descombey

- Nutcracker -The Sugarplum Fairy´s Cavalier and the Snowflakes´s Prince. Music: Tchaicovsky/ Choreog: A. Alonso

- Las Sombras de un Vals -The Rol Star , World Premiere. Music: J. Strauss/ Choreog: A. Alonso(Alicia Alonso)

- Carmen – Don Jose & Bullfighter. Music: R. Schedrin after Bizet/ Choreog: Alberto Alonso

-Talismán-Pas de Deux. Music: R. Drigo/ Choreog.: Marius Petipa

- The Nightingale and the rose-World Premier. Music: J. S. Bach/ Choreog: Marta García

-Blood weddings-Leonardo. Music: E. de Diego/ Choreog: Antonio Gades

-The Genzano´s Flowers Festival- Music: E. Helsted- H. Simon Paulli/ Choreog: August Bournonville

-Spring Waters- Pas de deux. Music: Rachmaninov/ Choreog: Asaf Messerer

-Dido Forsaken- Eneas. Music: Gasparo Angiolini./ Choreog: Alicia Alonso after Angiolini

-Brillante Español- Music: Massenet/Choreog: Laura Hormigón & Oscar Torrado

-Tchaikovsky Pas de Deux- Music: Tchaikovsky/ Choreog: G. Balanchine

-Shakespeare and his Masks or Romeo & Juliet- Romeo-World Premier. Music: C Gounod/ Choreog: A. Alonso


February 14 carry out, with Laura Hormigón as partenaire, the Soprano Elena de la Merced and the Tenor José Ferrero, a Ballet and Lyrical´s Gala in the Theater Circus of Albacete.

In this Gala they interpret:

The Pas de Deux of Carmen and Don José of “Carmen”, The dance of the Shawls of “Laurencia”, the variation of Carmen's Bullfighter, The Adagio of the II Act of The Swan Lake and closing with the Pas de Deux of the Act III of “Don Quixote”

January 20, next to Laura Hormigón, they start in the Theater Buero Vallejo of Guadalajara a tour with “Va de Danza”. Show selected by the Theaters of Castilla La Mancha.


From 26 to December 29, both inclusive, he carries out a course with Laura Hormigón in Albacete organized by the Association of Professionals of the Dance of Castila La Mancha.

From 9 to December 16 imparts a workshop in the Conservatory of Ribarroja (Valencia) where it mounts his own version of the scene of "Driadas" of the II act of "Don Quixote".

The 29 and 31 of October, with Laura Hormigón, he dances again in Russia the “Don Quixote” and “The Swan Lake”, invited by the Opera of Ekaterimburgo.

In September it records programs with Laura Hormigón for “The Conciertazo” of TVE

From 3 to July 16 imparts, with Laura Hormigón, a course for young dancers with the support of the Cultural Association for the Dance and with the Patronage of AISGE.

June 28 in the mark of the Nureyev´s Festival (Russia) dances the Don Quixote next to Laura hormigón, with the Ballet of the Opera of Bashkirian Ufa (Russia) . Also participates in day 30 in the Closing Gala of the Festival, with the Pas de deux of “Black Swan” and with the Pas de Deux of Carmen and Don José of “Carmen”

From May 22 to June 11 records programs for “The Conciertazo” of TVE

May 20 participate with Laura Hormigón in the Gala of Stars in support to the sick persons of Alzheimer. It takes place in Madrid

April 29 participate with Laura Hormigón in the Gala of the International Day of the Dance,dancing the Pas de Deux of “Le Corsaire” that takes place in the Albeniz Theater of Madrid, organized by The Association of Professionals for the Dance

April 21 makes the world premiere of “VA DE DANZA” in the Theater Circus of Albacete. He carries out the choreography and direction, with Laura Hormigón. Show in which they also participate as dancers. 

From 10 to April 16 is part of the jury of the International Competition of Young Dancers of Ribarroja (Valencia)
March 30 dances the Pas de Deux of Don Quixote with Laura Hormigón in the Opening Gala  of the International Dance Competition  of Ribarroja (Valencia)

March 24 Gala  Awards of the IX National Contest of Directresses of Scene of Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid)- Starring the show with Laura Hormigón.

February it records programs with Oscar Torrado for “The Conciertazo” of TVE.


Dance with Laura Hormigon the pas de deux of “Don Quixote” in the Awards Gala of the Association of Directors of Spain (Madrid, November).

During October film several TV programs of “El Conciertazo”.

 In september have meetings at the Vaganova School of Saint Petersburg (Russia) with Boris Breguadze, a live legend of the Russian ballet.
Invited to the Gala of Dance in Benicassim (Catellón) Dance the pas the deux of “Carmen”. (August).

In July teaches, with Laura Hormigon, at the Summer International Ballet Course of Ribarroja´s Conservatory (Valencia).

Produce with Laura Hormigon, as own project, a tour around Spain with “Don Quixote” in commemoration of the 4th Centenary of the publication of Cervantes book. For that, they invite the Rostov Ballet (Russia). In this tour, in several cities of Spain, they have a big success of public and critic.

During February film several programs of “El Conciertazo” for the Spanish television.


Is Invited by the Rostov Ballet (Russia) with Laura Hormigon, to dance the leading roles at the premiere of A. Fadeyechev´s version of “Don Quixote” at Rostov Opera. (December)

 During December participate in a tour of one month around Holland dancing the principals’ pas de deux of the repertoire.

       (June 27th) dance, with Laura Hormigon, Basilio in V. Chabukiani´s version of  “Don Quixote” at the Paliashvili Opera and Ballet in Tbilisi (Georgia).

(June) make with Laura Hormigón the choreography of “Don Quixote” after the version of V. Chabukiani, for the Paliashvili Opera and Ballet of Tbilisi (Georgia).

(June 27th) dance, with Laura Hormigón, Basilio at the premier of their choreography of “Don Quixote” in Tbilisi (Georgia) with the Paliashvili Opera and Ballet.

(March 9th) Choreographie with Laura Hormigón a Suite of “Cinderella” for the TVE program “El Conciertazo”. It was broadcasting June 5th.

(February 14-15th) dance “Giselle” as Guest Artist of The Canadian Ballet Theatre, with Laura Hormigón in Toronto (Canada).


(December 31th) After the big success in her tour around EE.UU, recived the “Alejo Carpentier Medall” from the Cuban Council of State, after the proposal of the Cuban Ministry of Culture, for his Outstanding Artistic Labour. The Medall was recived in february 2004

(July) Dance Romeo in the World Premier of “Shakespeare and his Masks” (Romeo & Juliet) of Gounod with choreography of Alicia Alonso in La Nave de Sagunto (Valencia- Spain).

(May) Is included in the World Dance Directory.

(May 4th) Participate with Laura Hormigón in the "International Ballet Gala Starts of the 21st Century. Celebrated in the Center for the Arts of Toronto (Canada), performing scenes of "Carmen" and the Pas de Deux of "D. Quixote".

(April 4th) Recived the comunication of her join in the CID-UNESCO (International Dance Council).

(April 4th) Joing as member of the SGAE (General Society of Authors and Esditors from Spain)

(March) film with Laura Hormigón a monographic about the ballet “Nutcracker” for “El CONCIERTAZO” of TVE. Both are authors of the script, dancers, and made the selection of the musical and choreographical scenes.

(March) created with Laura Hormigón "Brillante Español" a choreography with Massenet´s music.

(March ) Participed with Laura Hormigón and the Paliashvily Opera and Ballet of Tbilisi in the Galas “Ballet in Family”, organized in Spain by Danzarte Ballet and they are artistic directors too.

(February) create with Laura Hormigón “Viva el Ballet Clásico”, a spectacle which both are authors, performers and artistic directors. With this spectacle they made a campaign of initiation to the classical ballet for children and teenager in Castilla-León (Spain), with the participation of the Paliashvili Opera and Ballet Theater of Tbilisi (Georgia).

(February 7 th) Recived from the National Ballet of Cuba the diplome for her “Outstanding Artistic Labour” during 2002.

(February 24th) continuing the collaboration initiated in 2001, filming 5 more programs of EL CONCIERTAZO for TVE. He is author and conductor of the script, also made the selection of the musical and choreographical parts of the ballet section.


May- June Filming more TV programs of “El Conciertazo” for Spanish Television.

From February 26th to march 8th, film programs of “El Conciertazo” for TVE.

Cagliari Festival (Italy). Dance with Laura Hormigón “Don Quixote”.

April- May tour in China. Dance “Don Quixote”, with Laura Hormigón as partner in Pekín and Shanghai. The China´s Pressident Jiang Zemin assisted to the first performance in Pekin.


(15 September) Dance the Pas de Deux of "Diana & Acteón" and "Don Quixote" in the IX edition of the “World Stars at the Opera”-International Ballet Gala celebrated in the Opera of Budapest. Receive the prize to the "Best Dancer"

(Since february) Participed with Laura Hormigón in “El Conciertazo”, a TV-2 program for initiation in the music and classical ballet for children and teenager, directed by Fernando Argenta. This successful colaboration continues today.

(July 1th ) Recived the Distinction of the “ Circulo de amigos “ of Gran Teatro de La Habana.

(July 1) Distinction Circulo de amigos “Gran Teatro de La Habana”


(June 16th) Participated in the Madrid in Dance´s Closing Gala.

(july 13th) Received for the "National Culture Distinction Medal" of Culture Ministry of Cuba.


(Augúst 12th) Participated in the International Gala Dance " Alicia Alonso Dance´s Foundation" in the Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo del Escorial (Madrid/Spain).

(April 27th and 28th) Participated in the Grand Display of Spanish´s Stars in the XIII Dance and Music International Festival, celebrated in Asturias (Spain).

( May 6th) Participated in the Display by the "Universidad Politécnica de Valencia" (Spain), for the investiture of Alicia Alonso as Doctor Honoris Causa by the University.


(October 24th) Invited to the Gala of Dance´s Stars celebrated in the Canary Islands (Spain).


Participated in acts, shows and representations together with: Julio Bocca, Angel Corella, Alexei Fadeyechev, Nina Ananiashvili, Laura Hormigón, Lorna Feijóo, Antonio Marquez, Carlos Acosta, Maximiliano Guerra,Ana Laguna,Lola Greco, Lucía Lacarra,Blanca Li,José Manuel Carreño, Alessandra Ferri,Agnés Letestu, Dmitri Gudanov, Jose Martinez, Giuseppe Picone, Cyril Pierre, Matthew Rushing, Linda-Denis Fisher-Harrell, Toni Candeloro, etc.


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